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The very fact that you are reading this means you have already realised how much easier it will be to just insert a DVD or USB stick to re-live all those memories, rather than having to get out that old projector equipment!. We put this page together to help you find out what type of cine film you have and how to find out how much it will cost to transfer. We look forward to hearing from you and if you have any queries please do not hesitate to call.

Standard 8mm: 8mm cine film is one of the most common formats. It is 8mm across and has the sprockets on the right hand side spaced at 4mm intervals and they are in line with the edge of the frame. Typically 50ft lasts about 4 minutes.            
Super 8: Is similar to 8mm but the sprocket holes are slightly smaller and the are in line with the centre of the frame. Typically 50ft lasts about 3.5 minute.    
16mm: This is not as common as 8mm. The size of the film is 16mm across and usually has sprocket holes down both sides of the film, except when there is a soundtrack. 16mm comes on larger reels and runs faster than 8mm. So an equivalent footage is shorter.
9.5mm: This is a very old format and is about 9.5 mm across and it is characterised by the sprocket holes down the centre of the film.

How much cine have I got?
Cine film is measured in feet and comes on various sizes of reels.
For Standard 8 and Super 8:
The smallest reel holds 50 feet of cine.
The next standard size is 200 feet and then 400 feet.
The easiest way to measure your footage is measure the size of the reel:

  • A 50ft reel is 3 inches across.
  • A 200ft reel is 5 inches across.
  • A 400ft reel is 7 inches across

Most larger reels have a gauge on the reel to show you how much cine is on the reel. Refer to this gauge if you have partly filled larger reels.

How much does it cost to transfer on to video?

The rate is from 8 pence per foot plus a transfer charge of £25.00 per order. 

  • A 50ft reel is £5.
  • A 200ft reel is £18.
  • A 400ft reel is £32

You only pay for what is on the reel so 100 feet on a 400ft reel is charged as 100 feett etc

What is the quality like?
Video is a totally different format to film. Film has varying amounts of grain which give it that "film look". In transferring the cine to video the final quality is very good, however it will never be as good as the original films due to limitations of the video system. Some areas of under exposed cine are actually enhanced by the transfer process. The convenience of having your cine on DVD far outweighs the slight loss of quality. We can also correct colour balance faults in the original film.


  • Some cine we receive is in a bad state and needs repairing. We do not normally charge for repairs but if we have to make more than 6 splices we will charge you £1.00 per splice.
  • We will edit out of the transfer any totally blank bits of film but if you want any specific editing done you will have to supply us with very precise instructions. There will be an extra charge for this depending on the amount of work involved.
  • If you want the reels in a particular order, please remember to number the reels accordingly
  • As most cine does not have a soundtrack we can, if you wish, dub background music onto the final video. We do not attempt to match the music to the action
  • Your DVD is supplied in a plastic presentation case titled Cine Memories. If you wish we can supply a customised case insert with a message or title of your choice. Cost from £5.00
  • Your USB stick is supplied in a USB case
  • We can add a message/title of your choice to the DVD before the cine starts or at the end; e.g. Happy Birthday Mum and Dad love from the Kids. We can get about eight lines of readable text per page. Cost £1.50 per page
  • We can supply copies of your cine transfer for you to give to members of your family. The more copies you have, the cheaper it is. Please ring for a quote.

If posting to us, please ensure you package your cine securely and send by recorded delivery. Please, please, please remember to enclose your name and address. Your cine and your DVDs or memory sticks are returned to you by recorded delivery with postage at cost. You are welcome to deliver your cine personally but please ring first to save a wasted journey. (We can arrange local collection and delivery - please ask)

Your cine is not affected by the transfer process and is returned to you undamaged. Although we take the utmost care with your films we cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage while in our care. Our only liability is to replace the cine with the equivalent quantity of blank film.

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