Video to USB(digital)


We can convert any format of video to video files (mp4) for your computer or TV.

We take your tape or disc and convert to a video file and supply on a USB memory stick.

We normally transfer to mp4 files as they are pretty universal however we can transfer to any filetype including  - MPEG1, MPEG2, WMV, AVI, Quicktime, Flash etc.

We can also convert your video file to other formats as well as edit and re-encode your files and supply on CD-ROM, DVD-ROM or HDD if required.

Conversion to computer files has many benefits over conversion to DVD.

mp4 can display higher quality images than DVD although it does depend on the quality of the source tape.

mp4 files supplied on a memory stick are easy to view especially if you have a modern TV with USB sockets. 

mp4 files will also play back on mobile phones, tablets, PCs and even some DVD and BluRay players

mp4 files can also be copied to a computer for editing. You only need very basic editing software to edit mp4 files. Most PC or Macs come with basic edit software built in. You can also easily share with friends or upload to YouTube.

Video to USB Basic Service: Here we just do a straightforward transfer of your video tape to mp4 file. No frills. Prices from £12 per tape.

Video to USB Pro Service: On this service we transfer your tape to computer first, trim out any bits that are obviously not required, add a fade in and fade out before copying to USB. Please note this is not as comprehensive as our editing service. Prices from £45 per tape.

Each USB is supplied in a USB case.

There is also a charge for USB sticks we supply (32gb). You are welcome to supply your own sticks or USB harddrives if you wish. We can get about 18 hours on one USB stick.

We can also transfer to DVD and USB at discounted prices.

For a list of the tapes we can transfer please refer to our Video to DVD page

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